Paw Care

Dogs’ paws do a lot of work in a day and so it is no surprise that paw problems are a very common vet complaint. Paws become dry and cracked because of their exposure to hot pavements, rocky surfaces, wintery or dry conditions.

Walking through grass and mud can result in debris, in particular grass seeds between the toes, which if left unattended can lead to red paws or worse, severe infections. Even trapped sand in the fur between toes can cause irritation. These problems may manifest as a dog chewing and licking their paws. It is therefore important to clean dog paws after every walk.

The Fur Love Paw and Body Soak pays attention to the special requirements of our four-legged babies.

Using the soak not only cleanses, but can help soothe itchy spots, reduce redness or staining, draw out impurities and dry out irritations. Frequent use can help prevent odours associated with busy paws. If your dogs are outdoors every day, then they need their paws inspected and washed regularly.

It should be part of a healthy beauty regimen for these fur babies.

Before and After

Day 0
Skin between toes is red irritated with skin breakdown.

Day 1
Reduced redness. Skin is clean.

Day 2
Irritation and redness is resolved. Skin is healed.

Natural Ingredients

Discerning dog owners will understand the importance of natural ingredients for their loved ones. Dogs love to explore the world orally. So we chose the best ingredients backed by scientific evidence and created products that would provide the best possible care for these creatures. Skin, coat, body.

Paw Care Products

Use the paw soak as frequently as required. It contains coconut and citrus to help cleanse and draw out impurities.

Follow with the Fur Love moisture balm to provide a barrier that moisturizes and heals keeping those paws in perfect shape. 


Q: How do I use the soak?
A: The soak is the easiest and quickest way to clean paws effectively. The soak cleanses, soothes itchy spots, reduces redness and staining, draws out impurities and drys out irritations. Sprinkle powder into warm water filled bath, tub or bowl and soak well. No rinse needed, dry well.

Q: What if my dog keeps licking his paws?
A: Paw licking is commonly from contact allergies that flare the skin up causing redness and itchiness. The soak soothes, reduces staining and removes irritants that the paws frequently come in contact with. By routinely cleansing with the soak the paws will no longer feel irritated stopping the dog from paw licking.

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