Just like people, dogs are individuals, so every dog’s skin and coat will be different. The Fur Love range has been carefully tested on a wide number of breeds. Here are some of the things we’ve discovered along the way.

Q: Do dogs need balms or moisturisers?
A: Yes, just like humans, moisture improves the quality of the skin barrier. Dry cracked skin is easily irritated, leading to dermatitis and recurring, multiple infections that can be hard to clear up.

Q: How do I apply the balm?
A: A little goes a long way. Take a fingertip-sized amount from the jar and rub between your palms before massaging into the dog’s belly and inner thighs which are usually a problem area. If you need more, take a little more. Don’t forget the armpits and other hotspots.

Q: Can I apply it to hotspots?
A: Yes, the balm is perfectly safe to use on hotspots and chapped or irritated skin, as long as the skin is not completely broken down or weeping.

Q: Won’t the fragrance irritate my dog?
A: The fragrances are so gentle and smell beautiful on the coat. They does not mask nor overwhelm the natural dog scent. Fur Love products have been tested widely, and the dogs are not bothered by it, nor do they lick at it wildly.

Q: Will it make my dog greasy?
A: No. If you apply a small amount of balm and massage it into skin and coat, there is no build-up. Just as importantly, it does not it leave grease on your furniture or clothes! Remember to start small.

Q: How often should I use it?
A: For skin maintenance, there is evidence that daily application of moisture dramatically improves the quality of canine skin, and reduces hotspots. Use on dry skin, or after a shower on a towel-dried dog, not soaking wet.

Q: What is a Conditioning Mask, and what will it do for my dog’s coat?
A: This beautiful Conditioning Mask contains coconut oil and honey, which nourishes coat and softens it. For dogs with long hair, this is important to reduce tangling and retention of debris against the dog skin which often contributes to skin problems.

Q: How often should I use the Conditioning Mask?
A: Use after a shampoo. It’s best used weekly, especially if your dog is always in the salt water. Take a dollop from the jar and massage into coat. Brush through. Leave for a few minutes and then wash off. You will notice the coat is shiny and soft when dried. It also smells divine!

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