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Before & Afters

On the left, this dog had broken skin over its groin and inguinal regions after irritation from external allergens. Shampoo and conditioning mask on Day 0 followed by daily application of the balm resulted in dramatic improvement in comfort, as well as a reduction in redness and itching, and re-epithelialisation of skin.

On the left, ventral rash due to grass contact – belly, armpits and groin. Daily wipe down with the paw soak and lavender balm resulted in almost complete resolution on day 2.

Grass contact allergy with a raised red spots over the belly and groin which were itchy and becoming hot spots. Cleansing with shampoo and conditioning mask followed by daily application of the balm resulted in significant improvement within 48 hours.

ritated web space with redness and some discharge between the paws after a muddy walk. Paw soak daily with balm application settled redness and itching by day 2.

This dog required antibiotics for 7 days at presentation due to infection. From Day 7, daily paw soak wipedowns and twice daily lavender balm resulted in significant improvement in the skin quality.

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