Dog Coat Care

Dogs come in different shapes and sizes. And so do their coats. But all dog coats need special care. Fur Love Manuka Honey Dog Shampoo and Fur Conditioning Mask are suited to all types but pay extra attention to those with long hair. Especially those with long curly hair – think poodle coat care, every goldendoodle, cavoodle or labradoodle coat care. Not to forget the schnauzers, german shepherds, golden retriever and french bulldog coat care – to name but a few.

Our Conditioning Fur Mask was also constructed with these dogs in mind. Just about every ingredient in the Fur Love mask screams replenishment. One will know this as soon as the mask is applied to a wet coat following the Fur Love Manuka Honey Dog Shampoo. Not only will the coat be shinier, but it will be easier to groom and maintain. It is wonderful for managing tangles and rinsing off debris such as sand after a day on the beach.

Don’t be fooled though, our mask is great for dogs with short hair as well, and it makes it easier to get read of those shedded hairs that would end up on your couch! Because the mask is rich in natural oils, it is safe to use frequently, and will not dry out your fur baby’s coat.

Before and After

Before: Coat is dry and coarse

After using Fur Love Dog Shampoo and Conditioning Mask:
Coat is glossy, healthy and shiny.

Natural Ingredients

Discerning dog owners will understand the importance of natural ingredients for their loved ones. Dogs love to explore the world orally. So we chose the best ingredients backed by scientific evidence and created products that would provide the best possible care for these creatures. Skin, coat, body.

Our Coat Care Solutions

Fur Love Natural Dog Shampoo is made with manuka honey and beautiful omega oils. Omega oils are highly nourishing and essential to improve skin and coat health. This natural dog shampoo screams luxury, but that doesn't mean you can't use it on your dog as their everyday shampoo for a little extra indulgence.

The Fur Love Conditioning Fur Mask is an indulgent fur treatment, and the best dog conditioner to replenish and hydrate a dry coat. It is packed full of natural oils, including sweet almond oil, coconut oil and evening primrose oil which work beautifully alongside our natural dog shampoo.



Q: What is a Conditioning Mask, and what will it do for my dog’s coat?
A: This beautiful Conditioning Mask contains coconut oil and honey, which nourishes coat and softens it. For dogs with long hair, this is important to reduce tangling and retention of debris against the dog skin which often contributes to skin problems.

Q: How often should I use the Conditioning Mask?
A: Use after a shampoo. It’s best used weekly, especially if your dog is always in the salt water. Take a dollop from the jar and massage into coat. Brush through. Leave for a few minutes and then wash off. You will notice the coat is shiny and soft when dried. It also smells divine!

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SUN, SEA AND SAND: Constant bathing in saltwater or frolicking in the sand can lead to skin irritation in dogs. For the dogs that are born to saltwater swim, this may not be an issue, but for many of the dogs we see on our beaches, it is.

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