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For dogs with red, itchy paws, regular use of the paw soak and lavender balm resulted in up to 87% improvement in itching and chewing.

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Fur Love regimes for skin and paw problems are proven to work, resulting in objective improvements in their comfort and skin quality.


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Itchy/dry skin

If you've had itchy, dry skin you will understand how unpleasant it is. Imagine how they feel. Itchy dog skin and dry dog skin are common conditions that require moisturising to restore the dehydrated skin barrier. Failure to do so leads to dog dermatitis and infections. Dietary modifications can be made but targeting your dog’s skin and coat externally is also important. Our range was designed to replenish skin and coat using scientifically proven ingredients that restore moisture into the skin. This reduces itching but maintaining a good routine is key for healthy dog skin.

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Hot spots

These are red, inflamed skin lesions that often begin as a small red area. Dog hot spots are triggered by scratching, licking or chewing the affected area. They exacerbate quickly into hot, red, loss of hair, crusting or matting of the surrounding hair, oozing and may contain pus.

There are many precipitants, but finding the cause, and managing the early signs are key to preventing it from getting infected. We advise that if your dog has developed an infected hot spot, you should visit your veterinarian. Once the hot spots are healed, we recommend maintenance of a healthy skin barrier.

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Dry/cracked paws

Dry paws or cracked paws are common complaints. They become dry and cracked because of their exposure to hot pavements, rocky surfaces, summer and winter or dry conditions.

Walking through grass and mud can result in debris, in particular grass seeds between the toes, which if left unattended can lead to red paws or worse, severe infections and possible surgical intervention. Even trapped sand in the fur between the toes can cause irritation. These problems may manifest as a dog licking at paws and/or a dog chewing at paws. It is therefore important to clean dog paws after every outing.

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Dandruff is the presence of dead skin cells on your dog’s coat. It may be difficult to see the flakes dependent on the coat type, but they’re often visible on bedding or furniture. Often dogs with dandruff will also struggle with odour issues.

Identifying the cause of the issue can be a challenge and usually requires a veterinarian to help. But before you do, start grooming regularly, removing matts, knots and using a shampoo and conditioner to cleanse and replenish the skin and coat thoroughly. Actually increasing how often you do bath time is a great way to prevent dog dandruff.

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Knots and tangles

Knots and tangles can prevent temperature regulation, cause dog rash, cause extreme discomfort, hide parasites and other nasties.

The number one thing to do to prevent a knotted and tangled dog coat is brushing daily. Use it as a way to connect and spend quality time together. Get them used to it at an early age, or desensitise the older dogs with positive reinforcement. For the stubborn knots and a matted dog coat, brush the coat while using the conditioning fur mask and follow with the Fur & Body oil.

If your dog goes to a groomer, don't just depend on them for washing your dog as our furry friends need to be washed weekly and brushed almost daily.

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Stained fur

Stained fur is when certain areas of the body turn red or brown and grow darker over time, often seen on white fur. Caused by excessive licking or saliva and tears. Understanding why this is occurring is something your vet should help identify.

Once the reason has been discovered, it's time to manage and reduce what’s causing the irritation. Our carefully selected ingredients work together to help reduce stained fur, by cleansing, drawing out the impurities and drying out irritations without dehydrating the skin.

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Shedding is affected by seasonality, breed, sex, temperature, nutrition, genetics and hormones such as thyroxine and cortisol. They may shed more during spring or autumn; however this can be affected by central heating, thus they may shed hair all year around.

To aid the shedding process us pet parents can brush them regularly and use quality, no nasty ingredients filled products during bath time. When cleansing it's important to give the coat a really good massage all the way to the skin surface. Always follow up by replenishing with a conditioner that is rich in lipids. This has been shown to nourish the new hair follicles and get rid of the dead hair reducing shedding.Adding in a brush to really get the conditioner to work it's magic will pay off big time too.

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Skin and coat odour

The most common dermatological complaints veterinarians receive is that they have a smelly dog. By far, the most common cause is an overgrowth of yeast or bacteria from contact allergies.

Other causes can be parasites, food allergies, diet or an underlining health condition. A common myth: Dogs just smell. They too have a natural odour thats very neutral and just smells like them - not necessarily 'smelly'. It's important to start a skin and coat care routine which entails regular cleansing, replenishing and protecting to reduce the overgrowth of cell build-up that causes yeast and bacteria. We all want to be able to cuddle and embrace our dogs but it's up to us at the end of the day to make that less smelly!

Dogs recovering from surgery are not allowed to be washed so we made sure these guys don't miss out either. We have a wider variety of options to suit all routines with skin and coat odour.

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