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Ineke Meredith Founder Fur Love

Dr Ineke Meredith

I am Ineke. Founder of Fur Love. Reconstructive breast surgeon and general surgeon. Mother. Wife. Human. When I completed my surgical training and officially qualified as a general surgeon, Charli was my reward. Like some might buy a handbag for their achievement, I bought Charli.

My beautiful labradoodle had skin problems from the moment she landed on our doorstep at 8 weeks old. The vet told us this was classic for poodle cross breeds and it was an immediate exclusion from our insurance policy. We bounced back and forth to the vet for the best part of 2 years, but then it got worse. We were at the vet almost weekly because she had chewed through the skin on her paws, over her legs and she would lick incessantly at her belly. She would have dry scabs over her chest and rashes that looked to me like eczema, in her groin. We were dropping $700 a week on the vet, and she was on antibiotics and steroids a lot.

For humans who have dry skin or eczema, it is established that skin regimes matter. Surprise, surprise, it seemed that it was the same for canines, yet that literature was reasonably new. When I asked our vet for any products I could use to improve and maintain the health of Charli’s skin, she said to buy over the counter human products, but of course the options here were limited considering dogs explore the world orally. I knew what was lacking on the shelves, and I knew what I wanted to use for Charli, so I made it. In my kitchen using raw ingredients, playing around with different concentrations and storing 20 different tubs in my fridge. Even just the ability to have a balm on hand to massage into a dry scab was empowering. And it made an immediate difference to our lives. I was massaging it into her belly, her groin, her armpits, her paws, and any dry spots and we were finally in relative control of a situation that had been a problem for years. But we needed something rich for a wash. We had been advised by the vet to wash every time she went outside in the grass to rinse off allergens. I wanted a body wash for her that was cleansing but also nourishing so that the constant washing wasn’t going to dry her out so much. I wanted something rich and creamy, full of oils, coconut in particular and the fur mask was born. The first moment I used the sample, I couldn’t believe the difference. I loved it. The rest is history. I am passionate about the creativity in Fur Love, the ability to make a difference in fur parents’ lives, and the happiness that these fur creatures give us. 

Rachael Johnston Marketing Fur Love

Rachael Johnston, DVN

Hey I'm Rachael! I help out with digital marketing amongst other things. I am also a senior veterinary nurse.

I've always loved animals, as a kid, I used to try to save bees that had died and clean up my local pond for the ducks. Although my calling as a veterinary nurse was very fulfilling, I've always had a brain for creative thinking. So working for Fur Love fulfils both of my passions!

I believe preventative health care is overlooked within the animal industry. With my veterinary knowledge and experience, I've learnt being proactive, not reactive can add years to our already short-lived fur friends and saves on vet bills! 

The Fur Love range is the perfect preventative solution for the most common veterinary case; skin issues.

I've seen my fair share of skin problems, they are never simple cases too. Usually, those vet visits result in injections, antibiotics or steroids, so discussing preventative care can be difficult at times for a busy veterinary clinic.

If you think about it, human skincare helps dehydration, aging, acne, pigmentation, escema the list goes on - but really, a dog's skin and body go through a lot more than humans so starting a skin routine for them is a no brainer.

We have two fur babies, my first fur baby Leopoldo, who’s a beautiful crazy cat and our new fur baby Roger, who at the early age of 5 months had cytopoint injections for his skin. He was on the best food, skin supplements and medicated shampoos, but his skin still seemed weak and sensitive. So of course he's been my biggest test dog for Fur Love. The hydrating and sensitive nature of the shampoo and mask combo really helps his regular washes after adventures. It doesn't strip the coat’s oils like all the other products I've tried (and I tried a lot!). The moisture balm is an absolute savour for him, as he use to get irritated just from grass! We haven't had a skin vet visit since starting his new skin routine!

Fur Love will make a difference to you and your pets life, strengthening your bond while making them feel and look healthy. I'm here as your personal expert to help with any questions related to our products and your pets skin. Feel free to ask me for advice via messaging Fur Love on Facebook or Instagram. Hope to talk soon!

Jess Hall Sales Consultant Fur Love

Jess Hall

My name is Jess and I am the business and sales development consultant for Fur Love. You can catch me zooming around in the Fur Love Car Bertie, Be sure to give me a wave.

I grew up on a rural farm in Kumeu. We had cows, horses, chickens, and dogs just to name a few. Growing up this way certainly lead to my love and passion for animals. I was constantly bringing home lost and injured animals giving them a home, and helping them back to health.

I started riding at the age of 3 on my first pony, Candy, which lead to me riding competitively. Now you will find me riding for fun or supporting my sister from the sidelines.

My love for dogs started with our family dog, Lucy. Lucy was a border collie cross and very intelligent. She loved the water, and was the perfect family dog. A few years later we got our second dog, Sam who was a beautiful beardie cross, Sam was always by your side and loved the farm life. You would often find him in the paddock lying down with the cows.

I have been lucky to always have a dog in my life and couldn't imagine it any other way. Today you won't find me far without my sidekick Batman, a big, 42kg black greyhound. Batman and I are alway up for a good adventure together or love to be snuggled up on the couch. He is even lucky enough to join me most days at work.

If you have any interest in stocking the Fur Love range I am your Gal

Vicki Lam Vet Adviser Fur Love

Vicki Lim

Vet Adviser

Kia Ora, I’m Dr Vicki, a companion animal veterinarian based in Auckland, New Zealand. I spend most of my time looking after the pets and people of Ponsonby and surrounds.

As a dog owner myself, I understand the frustration of managing chronic skin issues (and the frustration of hearing a dog compulsively licking itself!). I believe in equipping clients with the appropriate knowledge and products to elevate day-to-day home skincare, so we can reduce the need for constant medication. Clinical treatments should be used to break the itch cycle, but following them with nourishing and soothing products will help to rebuild damaged skin and reduce flareups. Counterintuitive as it may sound, my aim as a vet is to see my patients as little as possible!

I’m proud to be working with Fur Love to improve the lives of our cherished pets, one loved dog at a time.

Charli Fur Love


7 October 2013 – 28 September 2020

More human than dog, the prettiest girl in any room, and all-around super star, Charli was the inspiration behind Fur Love. Everyone on the beach knew Charli. And she loved attention. And food. She could outrun anyone in day care and on the beach, and she was happiness from the moment she landed on our doorstep until we had to say goodbye to her. She deserved the best, and that’s why Fur Love is. 

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