We are dog lovers. Pure and simple.

Fur Lovecame to be because we simply could not find products good, nor beautiful enough for daily care and maintenance of our precious beings.

Filled with amazing natural goodness, our products are different because we cared so much about textures and scents.

Monthly visits to the vet for dermatitis over my beautiful doodle’s belly encountered a lightbulb moment one day when I asked if there was anything I could use to prevent her flare ups every time she went into the grass.  The vet’s response was enlightening…”I use a human over-the-counter product for mine.”

With the knowledge of how human dermatitis is managed, I looked into the science of moisturization for dogs.  It is very much like humans.  Of course, if you improve the quality of the skin, you reduce the number of breakdowns.  Science tells us Ceramides are important.  So we have sourced natural products with the highest concentrations of ceramides, augmented by essential oils with anti-inflammatory properties, omega oils for replenishment…basically ingredients that we apply daily to our own skin. So yes, Fur Love products are good enough to eat.  And good enough for our own hands. And perfect for every day use. 

It’s about time these babies were groomed to the level that they deserve.