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Our Philosophy

Dogs are part of the family, and they depend on us to keep them healthy and well. They live with us, share our homes and share our lives. They also need quality skin and body care, just like us. Every Fur Love product has a purpose, based on the skin and fur complaints that dogs are vulnerable to. Our range targets issues such as dog rash's, dog dry skin, dog dermatitis, and the problems that can exacerbate them, such as chewing and scratching. By carefully selecting ingredients from nature, and testing them for efficacy and safety, Fur Love can help restore healthy skin and a luxuriant coat.

The Facts

Dog skin and paw problems are the most common reason for vet visits. It’s a distressing and expensive process – and one that’s often repeated, because the problems keep returning. Dry skin, atopic dermatitis and poor paw care are the reason for most of these vet consultations, yet there was no effective option for maintaining healthy skin, fur and paws at home.

There are many similarities between human dry skin and atopic dermatitis, and the same conditions in dogs. The root cause is a skin barrier that becomes inflamed and vulnerable to further moisture loss, breakdown and infection. Add common allergens such as grass, and the poor dog is constantly uncomfortable, scratching and chewing. Yet clinical evidence shows that canine skin – just like human skin – responds well to regular moisturising and the application of lipid-rich substances that help restore the skin barrier.

Daily moisturisation and application of lipid-rich products is the key to restoring and protecting canine skin barriers.

On the left, we see a vulnerable skin barrier. The outer surface (epidermis) is starting to break down, which leads to water loss. Deprived of a healthy skin barrier, the dog is vulnerable to infections and recurrent dermatitis.

The diagram on the right shows a healthy skin barrier. Moisture is retained, and the dog’s skin enjoys protection against external allergens and microbes.

Our Approach

Extensive clinical research has demonstrated the properties of natural botanicals and oils to repair and maintain healthy skin barriers in dogs.

Every Fur Love product starts with an analysis of the skin complaint, and how we want the solution to look and feel. It has to be effective, yet gentle enough to be used every day. Sensitive dog noses must tolerate the ingredients, so you can be sure they’ll stay on the skin long enough to promote healing.

We also take enormous care to avoid the ingredients we don’t like. Fur parents need to know that everything they give their dog is well tolerated and effective. That’s why we work closely with research technicians and vets, and conduct numerous trials. Our goal is to ensure Fur Love products are the very best they can be.

Our Evidence

For mild to moderate dermatitis, skin irritations and paw problems, Fur Love products have been shown to promote rapid improvement when the recommended regime is followed.In a vet study, involving dogs with the above complaints, a Fur Love regime was prescribed and consisted either of a Fur Love shampoo/conditioning mask and balm for skin problems, or a Fur Love soak and balm for paw complaints.

After following the regime, all cases showed improvements in dog discomfort, chewing, licking and broken skin. Dog parents reported improvements in levels of discomfort of up to 87% with most reporting improvements over 50%. With 100% of pet parents felt more confident they  could manage redness and itching at home with a Fur Love Vet prescribed routine.

Know no fur friends were hurt or tested on to make our products. We are Cruelty Free accredited through PETA's Beauty Without Bunnies program, to have our cruelty free statement accredited across all product lines.

Its production destroys rainforests and biodiversity. Orangutans are at serious risk of facing extinction in our lifetime.

Sulphate chemicals are found in cleaning products, drying everything in its path including important natural oils. 

This harmful chemical preservative is used to increase shelf life of products, but can interfere with hormone balances. 

No parabens

Our Ingredients

Discerning dog owners will understand the importance of natural ingredients for their loved ones. Dogs love to explore the world orally. So we chose the best ingredients backed by scientific evidence and created products including natural dog shampoo and conditioner, that would provide the best possible care for these creatures. Skin, coat, body.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a staple in many of our products. Proven in humans to be so effective for eczema and dermatitis, this was a necessary choice. In children, topical application of coconut oil reduces the severity of dermatitis, and improves the skin barrier. It contains free fatty acids, one type of which has antibacterial and antifungal activity. With a beautiful soft scent, and a texture which was luxurious in combination with beeswax, this is an important addition in our balms and conditioning masks. It is no wonder this natural oil is recommended by vets for application to dry skin.

Manuka honey

Manuka honey has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The use of honey is steeped in history, and recently it has regained a place in wound management. Manuka honey in particular is useful for wound healing and tissue regeneration. Safe for use in dogs, this is a beautiful and necessary addition in Fur Love shampoos, for dogs with sensitive skin.

Manuka oil

Manuka oil is obtained from steam distilling manuka leaves. It has antibacterial, anti-fungal, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is derived from the nut of the jojoba plant. It has anti-inflammatory and skin barrier repair activity. 

Sweet almond oil

Sweet almond oil is an important carrier oil, because it is light and does not leave a greasy texture behind. It forms a protective layer over the skin, reinforcing the barrier and reducing water loss.

Ethically sourced

Borage, evening primrose and argan oils are nourishing and replenishing, adding even more luxury to our Fur Love products. All our products are ethically sourced.

Saccharomyces ferment

This is a natural effective deodoriser and it’s combination of essential minerals and amino acids has hydrating and soothing activity for skin

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