How we started


There’s a unique bond between dogs and their owners. It’s a heartfelt connection based on unconditional love. So it’s only natural to want to ensure your dog is as healthy and well cared-for as any other family member.

This is the philosophy that inspires us. Everyone who has ever experienced the love of a special dog in their life will understand it.

I am Dr Ineke Meredith, founder of Fur Love. I am also a Surgeon.

Charli was a gorgeous labradoodle, and my constant companion in all activities of life. I was still training in Surgery, and travelling a lot, and Charli came everywhere with me. Even across the tasman. Unfortunately, she also constantly suffered from skin inflammation, rashes and dermatitis. It seemed that every week we’d be visiting the vet and getting another course of antibiotics and it always started with her itching and chewing at a hot spot. With my medical training, I knew that human skin requires moisture and replenishment to sustain a healthy barrier, so I asked the vet if there was a brand that could do the same for dogs. There wasn’t.

My best option, I was told, would be to purchase a human product from a pharmacy. This was obviously not acceptable, knowing that dogs love to lick everything. Especially my dog!

So I began researching the vet dermatology literature and learning about the effectiveness of coconut oil in treating eczema and dermatitis. I investigated natural products and plant oils that were proven effective for dog skin ailments. Surprisingly, I discovered that canine skin ailments are very common, and that many products that had been proven effective for human skin care also extrapolated in the laboratory for dog care.

With a sound grasp of the science, the next step was to explore which scents and textures would be best tolerated by dogs. To be suitable for all dogs, they had to be suitable for the most sensitive of dogs.

After much trial and error, and with a lot of input from a research laboratory and friendly veterinarians, we arrived at a range of formulations that worked. Just as importantly, dogs loved them. Fur Love products are formulated to be gentle enough for daily use, so you and your dog can have a skin care ritual that constantly sustains a healthy skin barrier.

Dogs love Fur Love. We love the way these products work. And we think you will, too.

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