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Does my dog need a conditioner?

The quick answer is Yes!! But.. read on for more information

Conditioners are rich in oils, humectants, and ingredients that soften hair and reduce frizz and tangling. What we sometimes forget is that there are benefits not only for the hair itself, but for the underlying skin. Conditioners contain ingredients that keep moisture in the hair shaft and in humans, the scalp.

What we now know is that dogs benefit so much from moisture to the skin, and for 10% of dogs with chronic dermatitis, it is very important. It is hard to imagine that dogs need moisture, but they have skin just like humans, meaning that when skin is dry, it becomes itchy and more reactive to environmental allergens. Scratching leads to skin breakdown, and this can lead to infection. The error is to think that washing strips their natural oils and that washing is bad. But they do in fact need to be washed, some more frequently than others (especially important for dogs that have significant environmental allergies). Dogs thus need products in their cleansing routines that also focus on moisturising and replenishing the skin barrier. Consistent use of such products will help to fortify a skin barrier that will be less reactive and have a lower chance of breakdown and infection. In addition to this direct benefit to the underlying skin, it is important that coats are kept tangle free. Matted coats can keep debris and allergens close to the skin, meaning that knotted hair leads to unhealthy skin underneath. Conditioners contain anti-static ingredients that reduce matting and tangling. Healthy skin and healthy coat. 

These are good reasons that a conditioner should be part of the regular cleansing routine for your dog. Gone are the days that our fur babies are simply cleaned with astringent products. They need regular routines, with a range that contains oils and ingredients equally focused on cleansing, moisturising and replenishing. Just like us. 

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