It is summer down under, and many of our dogs love the sea and sand.  The days are longer, and the mornings and evenings give way to pets and their pet parents walking laps up and down the beach front.  On these beaches, the dogs are known by name, the owners less so.  Whilst saltwater has some benefits for dogs, constant bathing in saltwater or frolicking in the sand can lead to skin irritation.  For the dogs that are born to saltwater swim, this may not be so much of a problem, but for many of the dogs we see on our beaches, it is.  We have had many customers enquiring about products that can be used to improve dry skin in their dogs, particularly in swimmers and frolickers of the beach and land variety. Poodle hair care, among others, is particularly difficult to deal with.

Our shampoo and unique conditioning mask are packed full of beautiful ingredients that will improve the quality of your dog’s skin and coat.  Our shampoo is a golden blend of manuka honey, coconut water and natural oils ( for example Argan and Evening Primrose ) rich in omegas.  These work to cleanse and nourish skin.  To follow, our Fur Love conditioning fur mask is coconut oil based, with sweet almond and shea butter.  This combination is all about replenishment.  What is really noticeable is that after washing your treasured being with our beautiful shampoo and conditioner, the coat is softer and silkier.  Because the oils loosen the coat, trapped sand and debris wash out so much simpler, reducing irritant load held by the coat against the skin.  It is recommended that dogs that swim frequently in saltwater bath once a week.  Fur Love shampoo and conditioning fur mask will always cleanse and nourish your dog’s skin coat, no matter how frequently they are bathed.