One of the more common emails we get is a request for products for dry skin.  We hear you. But google “my dog has dry skin” and one will find many an horrific ailment. We are not talking about “mange” or any other such parasitic infestation. 

Actually simple dry skin in dogs is common, just like dry skin is common in humans. We have had enquiries about products to improve dog dandruff and call help you find the best dog shampoo for dry skin as well as the best dog conditioner for dry skin. While we unequivocally advise for severe skin ailments to be under veterinarian care, all Fur Love products are nourishing and replenishing because our focus is to do as much as we can to improve skin health externally. 

Many dog shampoos and conditioners are solely focused on cleansing and therefore have astringent qualities which we found to be drying to skin and coat.  And somehow applying coconut oil or olive oil directly to the skin and coat does not sound so appealing. My beloved doodle does not cause allergies to human companions or contacts but unfortunately has a hat-trick of allergies herself.  One of these manifests as dry irritated skin EVERY time she is outside in the grass or after frequent bathing in the ocean. We were advised to rinse her every time she had been outside to wash off allergens but a simple rinse was leaving her smelling a little like a “wet dog.” So we knew we wanted to wash her with “something” but we wanted it to be packed full of the good stuff we put in our own hair for replenishment. Hence our combinations are exactly that. Packed full of amazing stuff – coconut oil, shea butter, omegas, manuka honey. 


How to help dogs with dry skin

Grooming is a key part of managing dog dandruff externally we have discovered.  We recommend using our Fur Love manuka honey shampoo and coconut oil conditioning mask in combination.  You can wash as often as your dog requires with Fur Love products and rest assured your dog will still get compliments for a healthy looking coat.  Wash first with our liquid gold shampoo.  It spreads beautifully and smells divine.  Rinse thoroughly and then apply the Fur Love conditioning mask generously throughout the coat, massaging and kneading into skin.  It has coconut oil, sweet almond oil and omegas so they moisturize actively.  Rinse after a couple of minutes. 
The improvement in skin irritation is for two reasons:
1.  Rinsing allergen load in the coat  
2.  Detangling to reduce the allergens held close to the skin.  The mask is amazing for reducing tangling.  We recommend brushing after the wash, and brushing frequently. 
You will definitely notice the difference. And no more flakiness!