Skin and Coat Care for Dogs

Fur Love dog skin and coat care is focused on maintaining a healthy skin and coat – always. Not just at groom time. Keeping this healthy exterior is just as important in our dogs as it is for humans.

Dry skin is a very common problem in many dog breeds and a dry tangled coat can often aggravate this. Matted coats hold allergens close to the skin, making skin problems worse. And dry skin needs daily moisture. With this in mind, we sought to find the best possible natural ingredients to address these common complaints.

Our combinations of ingredients are all about healing and replenishment for the best possible dog skin and coat care. Coconut and hempseed oils are known to be nourishing for human skin, but also reduce dog dermatitis; manuka honey is antibacterial and regenerating. You get the idea. They are chosen because they provide the best and specific treatment and care for dogs with sensitive skin, itchy skin and most of all, they are natural. 

Natural Ingredients

Discerning dog owners will understand the importance of natural ingredients for their loved ones. Dogs love to explore the world orally. So we chose the best ingredients, backed by scientific evidence to include in our range of dog skin and coat care. Creating products that would provide the most effective and luxurious care for these creatures. Skin, coat and body.

Skin Irritations

Our Fur Love range is suitable for a range of other dog skin irritations. The Fur Love moisture balm is effective in relief of mild allergic dermatitis in dogs - including contact dermatitis (commonly seen with Wandering Willy/Jew), atopic dermatitis (inhaled allergens) or food associated allergies and parasitic dermatitis (flea associated dermatitis).

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Day 1: Dog's skin is affected with rash spots from grass allergens

Day 3 using Fur Love Moisture Balm: The skin has healed and rash has reduced redness

Coat Care for Dogs

Before: Coat is dry and coarse

After using Fur Love Dog Shampoo and Conditioning Mask: Coat is glossy, healthy and shiny.

Dogs come in different shapes and sizes. And so do their coats. But all dog coats need special care. Fur Love Manuka Honey Dog Shampoo and Fur Conditioning mask are suited to all types but pay extra attention to those with long hair. Especially those with long curly hair – think poodle hair care, every goldendoodle, cavoodle or labradoodle hair care. Not to forget the schnauzers, german shepherds and golden retriever coats – to name but a few.

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Our Range

We researched, tested and carefully selected the most effective, luxurious natural ingredients for our range of dog skin and coat care. Our fragrances are soft, and not overwhelming for a dog’s sensitive nose. Textures are easily applied and beautiful to handle. In addition to this, they are wonderful for your own hands, full of high quality, natural ingredients and made in New Zealand.

They Love It

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