Since my girl was just a pup, she has had skin problems.  The vet said she is a great breed for not causing allergies, but she has every possible allergy!  She had dry skin, and then she would run through grass and come out in spots.  Practically every other week we were at the vet for a hot spot that she had gnawed at all night.  Once I asked the vet if there was something that I could do to nourish her skin.  If humans moisturize their skin to reduce skin breakdowns, surely it might be the same for dogs?  Surprisingly, she told me to use a human moisturizing brand.  So, we decided to make our own.  Fur Love moisture balm.  Anyone who knows balms understands that when you find a good one, it can be used on anything.  This was the goal. A moisture balm that nourishes and protects, feels good, and smells good. It needed ingredients high in ceramides and be natural skincare for dogs. To keep her skin healthy, I apply the moisture balm to her belly, and chest and arm pits daily…I also feel for any new hot or dry spots over the rest of her body that might need some attention and apply a little more here.  She loves the time, attention and the massage.  Seriously, I have not had to use antibiotics or steroids or prescription ointments ever since.  It is truly a spa in a jar!