There’s a special bond between dogs and their owners. It’s an eternal connection built on unconditional love. So it’s natural to want to ensure your dog is as healthy and well cared-for as any other family member.

This is the philosophy that inspires us. We are accompanying the evolution of the dog as part of our family.

I am Ineke, owner of Fur Love. I am also a Surgeon.

With a beloved dog constantly suffering from dry skin, rashes and breakdown, we were at the vet almost weekly requiring antibiotic course after antibiotic course. Knowing that human skin requires moisture and replenishment for a healthy skin barrier, and that daily maintenance of this barrier is so important, I enquired about a dog brand that might do the same. I was told to purchase a human product from the pharmacy. This was obviously not acceptable, knowing that dogs love to lick everything! Especially my dog.

With the knowledge that there was already human dermatology literature reporting the effectiveness of coconut oil for eczema and dermatitis, I researched natural products and plant oils that were proven effective for dog skin ailments. Surprisingly I discovered that dog skin ailments are very common, but that often effective natural products for humans had been extrapolated in the laboratory to dog care also.

We set about creating numerous iterations of scents and textures to find the best one for all dogs and breeds. In order to be suitable for all dogs, it had to be suitable for the most sensitive of dogs.

A moisture balm which is a saviour for many skin ailments and a body range focused on nourishment and replenishment that can be used daily. The Fur Love range has been constructed in conjunction with a research laboratory and veterinarian support. We love the products, and you will too.