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    Conditioning Fur Mask Pouch


    This indulgent fur treatment is a great conditioner for dry skin and maintaining a healthy, nourished coat. The most important ingredients are coconut oil and sweet almond oil. These oils...

    Paw & Body Soak - 100g


    This alkaline-based Fur Love paw soak contains coconut and citrus, offering dog owners a simple and effective option to keep paws clean and healthy as frequently as required. The Fur Love...



    These microfibre towelettes are perfect to throw in the handbag to keep paws and mouths clean on the go. Have them handy at home to spot clean or use for...

    Paw & Body Salt Soak - 100g


     Size - 100gm This Epsom salt soak is infused with berry extract, jojoba oil, and thyme. Use it for a hydrating paw & body soak, for tired or achy joints,...

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