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Winter Dog Skin & Coat Guide

In cooler climates, our dog’s skin undergoes numerous aggressions: the temperature drops, there's howling wind, in door heating and snow...
These often lead to alteration of the skin barrier, which becomes more fragile and can lose it’s protective function. Feelings of itchiness and discomfort, areas of dryness or even irritation may appear.

It is therefore important in colder climates to take care of the skin barrier and to preserve it.  

Conditioning Fur Mask


Colder climates can cause skin to become dry, leading to itch, discomfort and vulnerable skin The conditioning fur mask is ideal for regular use to help your dog’s skin with the hydration process. Rich in lipids: coconut oil, borage oil, argan oil and shea butter which bring deep nourishment, skin and coat nutrition, comfort and radiance! Don’t hesitate to change to a more hydrating product during cooler months.

dog conditioner
dog conditioner
dog dandruff
natural dog conditioner
conditioning mask for dogs

Moisture Balm


The moisture balm, is a great way to protect them from winter phenomena, it is suitable for all skin types and ages, even the most sensitive ones. 100% natural and full of natural ceramides, its' every dogs skin dream. It’s texture quickly penetrates into your dogs skin and coat and offers shine, softness and comfort without leaving them in a greasy film.

balm for dogs
balm for dogs
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Natural dog balm
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Moisture Balm itchy paws

Paw & Body Soak


The no-rinse soak means you can wash your dog on those cold winter days in a matter of minutes, no matter the size. The soak is the perfect way to soak a flannel and spot clean your dog after those muddy adventures using the wipe-down hack. Leaving them smelling delicious, no muddy paws in the house, and dry in no time! 

dog paw body soak
dog paw body soak
dog grass allergy
dog hot spot rash
paw soak for itchy paws
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