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how much do dogs sleep by age

Do dogs need beauty sleep too?

Read our Q&A with Skye from Barkley Manor, a premium doggy daycare and one of New Zealand's most esteemed pet facilities.

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Q: How much do dogs sleep?

Some puppies can sleep up to 20 hours a day! However, as they grow, the amount of sleep they need decreases and usually levels out to about 12 hours of sleep a day once they are adults. 

Q: Why is sleep important for dogs?

Everything is new to a puppy, and if they are being exposed to a lot of new stimuli during the day, they need the time to sleep and recharge, digest, and process everything. Therefore, if you find your puppy is grumpy or getting mouthy at certain times of the day, that may be a good indication of when they should be taking a wee nap.

Q: Do dogs dream?

If you haven’t experienced your pup dreaming yet, you just wait! The more of the world they are exposed to, the more they will dream! So don’t be alarmed if your pup starts “running” in their sleep or barks every now and again.

Q: Should dogs have a bedtime?

Bedtime is very helpful for young ones to learn when to wind down from an exciting day.

Q: Do dogs sleep better in their own bed or with their parent? 

Where your dog sleeps is a personal choice, and while some dogs will only sleep in bed with their pawrents some would much rather have their own space or even be outside in the cool breeze. When thinking about where your pup will sleep, our advice is to plan for it. Habits formed when young can be hard to break.

Q: Does Barkley Manor have naptime?

Barkley Manor has set nap times every day. Our routine is important. Our Puppy Nursery dogs get 2x one-hour naps a day, and our adults get 1x one-hour nap in the middle of the day. During nap time, fluffy blankets get spread out, the dog beds get put out, and we make everything extra comfy and relaxing to help the pups settle in for a well-deserved nap.

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