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Dry and Itchy Skin on Dogs

Dry flaky skin on dogs is common, just like dry skin in humans is common. And just like for humans, dry flaky skin on dogs can be itchy too. It requires moisturising with nourishing oils to keep your dogs skin healthy and happy.

Whilst there are dietary modifications that may improve skin condition, what you can do for your dog's dry flaky skin and coat externally is also important. Not surprisingly the condition of the coat has a large impact on what is directly underneath it. A dog's coat can hold environmental allergens close to the skin, and a tangled or matted coat keeps it trapped there until the next grooming session. These trapped irritants can inflame existing dry or itchy areas on your dog. 

Fur Love's range of skin and coat care for dogs has the best dog shampoo and conditioner for dry, sensitive or itchy skin. Our products were made with sensitive dogs in mind, so that if the most sensitive of dogs were happy, then so was everyone else. 

Before and After

Day 1: Dog's skin is affected with rash spots
from grass allergens

Day 3 using Fur Love Moisture Balm: The skin
has healed and rash has reduced redness

Natural Ingredients

Discerning dog owners will understand the importance of natural ingredients for their loved ones. Dogs love to explore the world orally. So we chose the best ingredients backed by scientific evidence and created products that would provide the best possible care for these creatures. Skin, coat and body.

Dry and itchy skin solutions

The Fur Love Moisture Balm for dogs is formulated with coconut oil, giving it powerful anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and restorative properties. This treatment for dry flaky skin on dogs can relieve and prevent dry, itchy skin through regular use. As well as soothing mild skin irritations in dogs, such as eczema or rashes caused by external allergens. The balm comes in 2 variations, Mint & Mandarin, and Lavender & Sweet Orange.



Q: Do dogs need balms or moisturisers?
A: Yes! A dog's dry flaky skin needs to be cared for the same way a human's does. Through regular use, the Fur Love Moisture Balm improves the quality of the skin barrier. Without treatment, dry cracked skin is easily irritated, leading to dermatitis and possibly recurring infections that can be hard to clear up.

Q: Won’t the fragrance irritate my dog?

A: The fragrances are so gentle and smell beautiful on the coat. They does not mask nor overwhelm the natural dog scent. Fur Love products have been tested widely, and the dogs are not bothered by it, nor do they lick at it wildly.

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SPA IN A JAR: Once I asked the vet if there was something I could do to nourish my dogs skin. Surprisingly, she told me to use a human moisturising brand. So, we decided to make our own, Fur Love moisture balm. 

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