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Dry and itchy skin in dogs

Dry skin in dogs is common, just like dry skin in humans is common. And just like for humans, dry skin in dogs can be itchy too. It requires moisture and nourishing to keep your dogs skin healthy and happy.

Whilst there are dietary modifications that may improve skin condition, what you can do for your dog's skin and coat externally is also important. Not surprisingly the condition of the coat has a large impact on what is directly underneath it. A dog's coat can hold environmental allergens close to the skin, and a tangled or matted coat keeps it trapped there until the next grooming session. These trapped irritants can inflame existing dry or itchy areas on your dog. 

Fur Love's range of skin and coat care for dogs has the best dog shampoo and conditioner for dry, sensitive or itchy skin. Our products were made with sensitive dogs in mind, so that if the most sensitive of dogs were happy, then so was everyone else. 

Luxurious natural ingredients:

The combination of ingredients in our Fur Love manuka honey shampoo and Fur Love conditioning mask are for good reason. Fur Love manuka honey shampoo has omegas including borage and evening primrose oils. So not only does it cleanse, it has antibacterial and nourishing properties also. This is to be followed by the Fur Love conditioning mask which is really where the magic happens. This beautiful treatment contains coconut oil, sweet almond oil, argan oil, shea butter, and evening primrose oil. You will notice it loosen tangles and leave a silky coat behind. Immediately, brushing is much easier and you can inspect your dog’s skin well. Once your dog is dry, apply your Fur Love moisture balm of choice to any dry or irritated spots, or over sensitive areas to help maintain skin quality. For best results, the balm should be applied to dry areas once daily.

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