It is always enlightening to see the relationship between dogs and humans, and nowhere is this relationship more heartwarming than in the unbreakable bond between an assistance dog and owner. 

At Fur Love, it has been important since the beginning to celebrate the bond Assistancedogtrustnz_Huibetween dogs and humans, and nurture it in some way.  So in addition to reflecting this commitment in our products and packaging, we have committed to being a national sponsor f Hui, an assistance dog in training. 

Why Assistance Dogs New Zealand Trust (ADNZT)? 

Having seen many therapy dogs across the hospital clinics and wards, and being a devout dog lover myself, it was evident that this was how Fur Love needed to give back.  There is no higher level of interaction between a human and a dog than that between an assistance dog and their human.

ADNZT is a dog charity trust dedicated to training and providing assistance dogs to New Zealanders with disabilities.  Approximately 90% of those requiring an assistance dog are children under 12 years with Autism or other neurodisabilities.  

How do you train a therapy dog?

Unfortunately, the demand exceeds supply, because these autism therapy dogs need time.  It takes 2 years to train them but access to training is limited by access to trainers. All of this means that a child under 12 years, who is in need of an assistance dog, can wait up to 5 years. Far too long when you see the dramatic result these furry companions have on the child, and their families and friends.  And far too long when the optimal age at which a child should have their assistance dog is 5 years old.      

Therapy dogs NZ stories

Pick a story to check out about an assistance dog (NZ) from the many successes at ADNZT.

There won’t be a dry eye. These dogs, and their humans, are amazing.