The well known old tail tales of 1 dog year is equivalent to 7 human years has just been proven false. A new paper has been released that studied the methylation of canine DNA as a basis for genetic ageing to correlate with human ageing (i.e. epigenetic clock ageing). 

The work revealed an algorithm that allows more accurate correlation of a dog's age with a human ageing. 

According to the study, dogs at one year of age are effectively 31 years of age of a human, and then a dog's age non-linearly from that point onwards. 

The new dog age calculator

So how old is a dog in human years? Equivalent human age = (Ln*dogs age x 16) + 31 (Ln means the 'natural logarithm' on the calculator if you turn the phone sideways).

dog years to human years calculator

So… if using your iPhone, open the calculator and turn it on its side - this turns into a scientific calculator! Find the Ln button.

Dog years vs human years

So for a four year old dog, enter 4 then hit the Ln button, then times by 16, then add 31…

= 53 years of age human equivalent! Fascinating.